The Bike


Sadly, this 1972 Vespa Sprint Veloce was stolen in 2012. At least we have the memories!

I’ve had a love of vintage scooters and mopeds for a couple of decades.

And when I thought of riding all day every day, I romantically wanted to ride my 1967 Vespa Sprint Veloce… until I rode it for more than a day at a time. The romanticism went the way of my aching wrists and frequent stops for tinkering.

Found a 2008 GTS in Connecticut that had been a NYC bike, so it was pre-dented but in excellent mechanical condition. And off we went to Vespa Hartford to get it kitted out for long-term travel. Smart decision.

Riding a 250cc automatic has been a nice relief for my wrists… but I’ll always have the vintage bikes in my heart!






They happened to be filming an episode of Mod Monkey Garage, (click over to see the edited video) fun times!

What do you ride? What’s the longest you’ve ridden at a time?

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