The Ride

[Edited: See note at end for update]

Why? The short answer is simply, “Life.”

Longer: Because I can. Because I long for new experiences daily. Because NYC can feel confining.

Here we go…

Is there any greater American tradition than the summer road trip?

After a test run up to Maine and back, we started July 1 from Williamsburg, Brooklyn and headed west. Destination: West Coast. Stops: Many!


Lodging is a mix of motels and hotels booked through Priceline and awesome stays with friends.

We ride despite poor weather, but rain and wind make for slow days. Some days are 75-100 miles, others are 400 miles +.

Purl, my tiny Yorkie, is well situated in a travel case that is secured in several places and sits in the space between my feet. She’s usually asleep within minutes of starting out. Read more about her here.

Meanwhile, I continue to work, managing social media, building WordPress websites and working on our latest web application, to be launched Fall of 2013.

We’ve got an entire summer of travel planned. Check back often to see what we’ve been up to!

Edited, Fall 2013: We’ve since added to the fleet with Ms Piggy Motorhome and now live on the road full time. The Vespa is the perfect “toad” (RV language for “towed vehicle”) and comes off the trailer to explore each place we visit.
Also, the tiny dog, Purl, that traveled all summer sadly lost her life on August 10, 2013. I’ve since been joined by Jerome, an equally tiny dog, who is awesome in his own right!
Our latest products have just been launched. and

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