A running list of what I get asked the most, with links for reference.


There is no “cause” beyond living life. [read more]

Where are you going?

While there is no set destination, the plan-ish is Maine toward midwest, down along Route 66, across to California, up the West Coast and meander back. [so far, days 1-9]

What kind of gas mileage do you get?

It varies, but around 66 mpg. [read more] Oh, that’s on the Vespa, of course. Ms Piggy is a whole ‘nother story!

Where do you sleep?

Hotels/ motels/ with fabulous friends along the way. Update: Now, we sleep in Ms Piggy!

Does Purl do okay? Where does she ride?

She doesn’t know that this isn’t a totally normal lifestyle, she’s traveled a ton. [read more]

Wait, what happened to Purl? There’s a different dog now.

In a terrible turn of events, Purl died on August 10, 2013. You’ll see mixed up references to her or to Jerome, mostly because I don’t have the heart to remove her presence from the site.

How are you handling the heat?

Gelato/ ice cream, and lots of it 🙂 Seriously, I prepared for all conditions, so we are fine.

Can you work on my website/ Facebook page? Aren’t you too busy traveling?

Happy to help. That’s the Laptop part of the Vespa and a Laptop journey! Send me an email to jsessa@sidekickhq.com with some details and your contact information. Or check out UltimateWPHelp.com for a great and affordable way to have me work on your behalf.