Hot Rod Car Show Swoon in Fairfax, California

California’s Central Coast on a Vespa

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This piece has been several months in the making- after issues with two previous carriers, I wanted to make sure my current carrier was going to work well for our situation. We finally have a Vespa trailer that is right for us. Here is the scenario: after a month of cross country travel on a

Since I’m waiting to pick up my beloved Vespa, Bruno, from yet another tire repair, I thought I’d go over some of the tire drama of the past 6 weeks. There’s a few lessons in here, this won’t be a woe-is-me session, promise! But it is going to be a long post. Highlights are marked

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Saturday, 13 July 2013 by

This trip isn’t about pinching pennies, but a nice benefit of driving a Vespa is the fuel economy! I average 66 miles per gallon (and love that this is the number!) The winds across the SouthWest have been so brutal. The decrease down to 50 mpg tells that story all too well. Best tip I