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Scooter Cover Product Review: The Platinum Shield Scooter Cover has now been in constant use for over 4 months and I can highly recommend it. Read my review below and contact me if you have specific questions. Background: After a cross-the-US trip where my Vespa 250cc GTI was my primary vehicle, it now sits on the

This piece has been several months in the making- after issues with two previous carriers, I wanted to make sure my current carrier was going to work well for our situation. We finally have a Vespa trailer that is right for us. Here is the scenario: after a month of cross country travel on a

Since I’m waiting to pick up my beloved Vespa, Bruno, from yet another tire repair, I thought I’d go over some of the tire drama of the past 6 weeks. There’s a few lessons in here, this won’t be a woe-is-me session, promise! But it is going to be a long post. Highlights are marked

These Make Long Rides Tolerable

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When I was visiting Vespa Hartford, I had the pleasure of working with Megan on making some accessory purchases. I made a dent in their inventory, for sure, and will review some of the products in the future. The single best tip was to get Cramp Busters. So simple in design, but so helpful for

  The 2008 Vespa GTS was acquired in a trade in Connecticut, so I popped in to Scooter Centrale/ Vespa Hartford to get a front rack. I was greeted by Megan who is super knowledgeable about all things scooter related. One intended accessory purchase turned into kitting out the whole bike. I never expected to