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LifeHacking into Contentment

Monday, 04 January 2016 by

LifeHacking. And the chance that, just maybe, everything is perfectly fine and there is nothing to be fixed. Note: This has been an on-going document on my desktop for over two years.

Connecting to the internet when you live in a motorhome is a topic that comes up a lot! Despite traveling all over the country and spending a lot of time exploring new places- and finding new interests in familiar ones, I do indeed work every day. When your work is all based online, connectivity is

For almost the entire time I have been traveling, our software business has been in the midst of a significant “pivot” (that’s developers language for “We’re changing what we do!”). In January of 2012, we identified an area, social media management, that had several existing applications, but we knew we could design better. We did.