Hot Rod Car Show Swoon in Fairfax, California

California’s Central Coast on a Vespa

Tiny Town

Vintage Swoon

Joshua Tree

Hot Rod Car Show Swoon in Fairfax, California

Tuesday, 17 September 2013 by

Meandering north from San Francisco and Sausalito to visit friends in Sebastapol, I happened upon a hot rod car show in Fairfax, CA. Rt 1 on a Sunday morning… don’t take it if you mind traffic. DO take it if you want to discover something beautiful, fun or interesting. I always prefer the slower, more

A Classic 66 Day

Friday, 12 July 2013 by

The kind of day that has me in awe from the very start. Can’t believe it is only mid-day. THIS is what happens when you open yourself up to the extraordinary…     Packing up in the wee hours to catch first light, I was sent on my way with a pleasant “That is quite